Our Company

The easiest way to pay our debt to nature is to love the earth and human beings, and to protect them.

Immigrated from the Erciş district of Van Province to Mersin Province in 1989, our family started a small business under the name Emre Kağıtçılık thanks to the contributions of our late uncle Salih Yiğit, a notable name in the paper industry of the time. In the '90s, a rural-urban migration took off from the east to the west, specifically to metropolitan cities. The said population segment that was previously engaged in farming and animal husbandry then became acquainted with this sector in metropolitan areas. They adopted it a new profession upon working in various branches of the sector as collector, scrap dealer, hauler, and labourer. Waste recycling sector became popular in those years, and gained a major momentum. The existing paper mills increased their capacities, and opened additional plants throughout Turkey. Thus, this increased the demand for recycling. Owing to such a rise in demand and the contributions of our firm, new names and new firms that acquire this as their main profession started to spring up across the country, especially in the southern Çukurova region.

Our establishment gained a corporate identity in 1995 and founded a recycling facility in Mersin Province in compliance with the standards. Similar facilities followed suit in Adana and Izmit Provinces. In addition to retail purchases in general, these facilities assume the role of intermediary in marketing the wholesale recycling materials in Turkey and from abroad along with its subsidiaries. Our current recycling capacity is 4,000 per month and 48,000 ton per annum and we continue to expand it. Our firm previously acquired packaging waste collection-parsing license under the regulations put forth by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. In addition, it was accredited with ISO 9001, a first this sector in Turkey: 2000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE and ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE.

Our Vision

In parallel with its expanding work load in waste collection and separation that became one of the most significant issues of the globalising world, our firm continues to offer corporate solutions across Turkey and specifically in the Çukurova region as its capacity allows.

Our Mission

With the help of our professional staff and technological infrastructure, our mission is to constantly grow by contributing not only to the environmental protection, but also to the country's economy. In line with our basic service policy, our aim is to provide the best possible service complying with quality management regulations and by improving our quality of service. It is our main goal to become a company that increases customer satisfaction by constantly improving the service quality in our sector. It would be our pleasure to have you as part of our customer portfolio. Your satisfaction is our success.

Çevdosan Kamyon

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