Our Facilities

Çevdosan closely follows advancements in the sector and keeps its pace with the technology. Our facilities act as the starting point for fast, safe, and meticulous recycling process thanks to an advanced and innovative machine park.

Mersin Çevdosan

15.111 TON

Mersin Çevdosan

20.148 TON

Mersin Çevdosan

28.800 TON

Mersin Çevdosan

10.070 TON

With the fundamental objective to ensure a sustainable manufacturing by sorting waste, Çevdosan pays its debt to nature thanks to its parsing capacity it improves every year.

This way, the company assists in preservation of natural resources and ensuring economic manufacturing by supplying parsed paper, plastic, metal, and glass to waste recycling facilities.

Çevdosan acts as the most significant step towards sustainable manufacturing thanks to recycling.

Çevdosan Kamyon

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